Baby Louise

Community, autonomy are the assets of our nursery for the development of a child in a healthy and friendly environment


Our main goal is to help the child grow, develop and keep pace. Our nursery will welcome your child so that it will at please.

Individualized attention is given to each child for their particular needs. The child must feel free to choose according to his tastes and affinities: his boyfriend, a game or an activity.
Coaching plays a very important role, both to listen to his desires and to direct him to an appropriate game or activity. Thus the child learns alone to make his choices all knowing his limits and his possibilities.
The child learns to live in a group, he also learns to share the important moments of the day (the gouters, the meal, the nap) with the friends, he also learns to participate in games and activities or the respect and the communication are put forward.




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Baby Louise
Charleroise Steenweg 167
1060 Sint-Gillis

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